Joint Animal Services

This is some of the graphic design work I've done for Joint Animal Services. Please see my Shelter Animals project to view some of my photography work.

Joint Animal Services is the Thurston County animal shelter. I've been a volunteer there since July 2015 doing graphic design, photography (please see my Shelter Animals project), and general volunteer. 
A poster created to help people prepare their pets for a disaster. 
After the holidays animal shelters can see an increase in the number of animal surrendered, such as bunnies after Easter and black cats after Halloween. This poster was created to make people think twice about pets as gifts for other people. 
Flyer for foster care orientation. Foster care is a great alternative for people who love animals, but may not want to own one. 
Accidents and emergencies happen. These printable cards can be filled out and kept in a wallet or purse, alerting rescuers know that you have animals at home that will need attention. 
Let your friends and family know that you have a new addition to your family with this postcard. Postcard was approved by the USPS, and is mailable. 
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